Florida Passes Milestone Cancer Funding, Investing in the Future of Cancer Research
  • Published: May 29, 2024
  • Updated: May 29, 2024

In March 2024, The Florida Legislature passed two landmark pieces of legislation in the cancer space--HB 5001 (the 2024 state budget) and SB 7072, These bills put the spotlight on cancer research and screening in the state. The 2024 budget increases funding for many cancer-related programs and...

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Florida Fact Sheet
  • Published: October 17, 2019
  • Updated: February 20, 2020

AACI state fact sheets offer a snapshot of cancer statistics—from the economic impact of biomedical research to cancer incidence and mortality rates—for each state with at least one AACI cancer center. Four AACI member centers are located in Florida: Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Florida; Moffitt...

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Peer-Reviewed Grant Programs
  • Published: October 15, 2019
  • Updated: October 16, 2019

Since 2001, the Florida Legislature has recognized the need to support vital research conducted in both academic and private institutions throughout the state through the Bankhead-Coley Cancer Research Program and the James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program. Grants from the King and...

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Florida Consortium of National Cancer Institute Centers
  • Published: September 30, 2019
  • Updated: October 15, 2019

In 2014, with House Bill 5203, the governor and legislature established the Florida Consortium of National Cancer Institute Centers Program to "enhance the quality and competitiveness of cancer care in the state and further a statewide biomedical research strategy directly responsive to the health...

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