• Published: February 19, 2021
  • Updated: February 22, 2021

According to the American Cancer Society, individuals with cancer may have a higher risk of COVID-19 infection than the general population. Cancer and cancer treatments can weaken a person’s immune system and other body systems. Individuals in active treatment often receive frequent, in-person clinical care, which increases the risk of potential COVID-19 exposure. Survivors of cancer have also been shown to experience an increased risk of infection and death from the virus.

Recognizing the need to prioritize patients with cancer and cancer survivors, The University of Kansas (KU) Cancer Center drafted a proposal for state public health officials. The goal is simple: vaccinate those at the highest risk for poor COVID-19 outcomes first.

As part of the plan, KU Cancer Center identified more than 25 different sites willing and ready to serve as either independent vaccination sites or in partnership with community sites, including cancer treatment centers.

The resources on this page provide more detail about the ways KU Cancer Center is informing state leaders of the importance of protecting medically vulnerable populations.

Roy A. Jensen MD, Director,
University of Kansas Cancer Center